I haven't forgot about you!

Well I know that it has been a LONG time since my last post. I had alot going on in December....... which is no excuse for not getting at least one post in there. Sorry :( I hope that everyone had a blessed holiday!

I have recently joined Pinterest which has became very addicting. There are so many neat DIY ideas that I would like to try. I have found myself getting a bit overwhelmed with the amount of projects I would like to attempt so I need to come up with a game plan to make it a bit more fun. I think what I am going to do is to go through all the DIY that I have pinned & come up with a month to month schedule. Tackle a few crafts in one month & more the next month. I just get so excited about all the neat things that you are able to create without spending a ton of money! We shall see how this turns out. :) I hope to share with you...... any tutorials that I can come up with throughout the year on DIY'S.

Another project that I would like to get started on is my CRAFT/SEWING room! :) This will also be a playroom for my little guy. My husband has approved me to have the bonus room above the garage. For now I think I am going to take one of the bedrooms downstairs until we have a little extra $$$$ to complete the bonus room. haha. I have been searching & searching for great organization ideas & storage for this room.

<3 this! Having a large flat surface to work on would be awesome. I know my husband gets tired of coming home & seeing the kitchen table & countertops filled with projects I am working on. :) 

I like the idea of having all ribbon together like this but not sure if I really care for those white wire baskets enough to go out & get some. I might have to think on that one a bit for another storage solution.

Hummm.....wonder if my husband would be up for making me some storage cabinets!?!

The storage container in the above photo I found @ Wal-Mart for $.96 each! 

It will be lots of fun to try & get things to come together. I am one of those people that wishes things could get done in one day & look like you want them too right away. I have already got a coat of paint on the walls (paint left over from the garage). The color is a tan which will work just fine for when I do convert the room back into a bedroom!

I will try my best to give updates on craft/sewing room progress.

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  1. Alisha, One day at a time is all you need...Take pictures of each time you do something and then look back on them and you can be encouraged that there is progress. All good things take time. Keep pressing on and you will finish with grace and a job well done! Love Mama Lucille