Newspaper Baskets

Good Monday morning! :) Last week I worked on a small project using old newspapers. I had plenty from a couple Sundays ago when I had my husband go out & buy 5 papers. What? There were 4 coupon inserts in each newspaper so I wanted to stock up on my coupons. I just know there are going to be some good sales coming in the next few weeks! Hope so anyways. I didn't want to just throw the papers out so I made this..............

I also made a smaller one but I didn't get a picture of it.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to create your own!


Newspapers (I had 5 Sunday)
Rotary cutter & Mat

Start by taking the paper to the cutting mat.
I cut off just enough to get rid of the folded edge (you will need individual pieces).

Next you will fold one side (length wise) in half.
Then fold again, & then once more until you have a piece about 1" wide.

Next.... you just start weaving!

In the pictures that you see here I was making the smaller basket so you will need to glue 2 pieces together length wise to get the bigger basket which measures 14x14. The smaller one is 6x10.
Also the measurements kinda depend on how many pieces you weave in.

Whenever I would weave a new piece in I would glue it down. I did find that if you staple the piece together it works really well too. When I reached the sides I ended up only using the staples to hold them  together & then once I was finished with the top I removed all the staples at the end.

I realized that I didn't get any pictures during the
weaving process. :(  What is wrong with me? If I am going to share these things with you I need to get it together! Sorry.There are tons of papers left so I will try & update this tutorial when I start another one.

I did tell you to get a bigger basket like the one above you will have to glue your individual pieces together length wise. For that particular basket I glued 2 pieces together & then ended up having to glue 3 to get around the sides.

I am thinking this will make for some great storage in my craft/sewing room!

Have a great day. :)

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