Paper Rosette Letter

Hey! I have been working on a small project the last couple of days.......yes I said days because it took what seemed like FOREVER!
It really wasn't all that bad really. When you look through this post you will see what took the most time.
I have seen different pictures of these paper rosettes used on all kinds of stuff like wreaths, Christmas stuff, home decor, etc.......
I had this letter B cut out of wood by my wonderful husband.  It had been sitting on my porch for quite a while looking pretty bare. So I decided to do this!

Pretty cute huh?

I tried to remember to take pictures as I was making this so I could make you guys a tutorial. :)

Supplies: Letter (wood, cardboard, etc...)
Old book
Hot glue gun

First you want to start with your letter.......this could be out of wood, cardboard, pretty much anything you can get your hands on.

My husband had already spray painted it for me from last year which if you didn't have spray paint on hand I don't think that it would really matter since you are going to be covering the whole thing anyways.

You are going to need an old book.....I went to the goodwill & got a few for $2 each. The books that I got are pretty thick & I only ended up using about half of one book for this project. When you get your book home go ahead & take the front & back covers off. You are not going to use these on this project but I have set mine aside & will use them for something else. The book I bought was hardback so I thought I might be able to use it for a purse bottom? We will see. :)

Tear out several sheets (trust me you are going to need them). I started out only tearing off a page at a time & cutting out one circle at a time. I ended up tearing out several sheets & cutting out 4 or 5 circles at one time & then just separating them afterwards. For this particular book I got 1 to 2 circle (spirals) to a sheet.  Cutting the spirals different sizes make the roses smaller or larger which makes for a variety.

In the picture above you cannot really tell how the circle is cut out very well. So maybe this one below will help?

Sorry...this is what takes forever!
You want to take the tail of the circle (on the outside) & start rolling it  around & around...........& around.......& around..... ;)
I bet I made 100 of these little guys...ended up with a few extra that I used for spots that didn't get covered quite as well as I would have liked them to.

Once I had it all rolled up I sat it on the table & let it go!
There is your rosette.

Hot glue them on any design you like & will have an awesome paper rosette letter.

Haven't decided exactly where I am going to put it yet.
I was thinking of hanging it on our front door but without spraying it with some kind of sealer ....don't think that it would hold up in the weather even though our porch is covered. Will be fun to find a place for it!

Thanks. :)

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