Felt Strawberry Tutorial

Start with about 3" circle. I used a ribbon reel. The two circles you see here will make 4 strawberries.

Cut the 2 circles in half.

Sew your "seeds" with embroidery thread. I used 4 strands. When I make more I think I will try to get
all my "seeds" to go the same direction. I have looked at pictures of strawberries & couldn't decide on whether to use yellow thresad or black thread for the seeds. My husband decided that I needed to use black. I might try it with yellow to see what is looks like. :)

Fold the piece in half (right sides together) sew up the straight side. When your done
turn the right side out.

I failed to take the next picture when you put your polyfil in. oops!
After you have filled the inside sew up the top using the embroidery thread.

Next cut out a top from green felt.

And sew it on! Your all done! yayy they are so cute.

Working with felt is so much fun & I hope to have other tutorials in the future!

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