Welcome blog land!

Alright, so I am going to give it a go at this blogging thing. I have been contemplating for a long time whether or not I wanted to get started with my own blog. To tell you the truth I am not absolutely sure I am going to be all that great at posting frequently. But hey, you never know until you try right? I have made my title what it is for one reason......and of course you know what that is........ I really enjoy taking photos! :) Photography has been something that I have been interested in since I was little. Yes, I have picked a very expensive hobby & no I don't have all the latest & greatest equipment. But in all honesty you don't have to have all the greatest to take wonderful pictures. Being able to capture a special moment for someone is a great feeling.
Trust me I have had an experience with a horrible photographer (hint....my wedding) & I guess thats why when I take someones photos I try to get every possible thing I can. Even though my blog is "photography" related I do not want to just make the whole thing about photos. I also have many many other interests such as..... sewing, knitting, & couponing to find those "good deals". I really like to try any kind of craft.......knowing that they might not always come out the way they should! ;) 

You will soon realize that I am horrible at proper english! haha sorry, its true. I really just want to have a good time with this blogging thing & have no expectations as to how it will turn out.
Wish me luck!


  1. Looking forward to more posts! I am officially wishing you Good Luck! It's a lot of fun! :)

  2. Good luck, Alisha on your postings and your photographing too. You do a good job. God Bless you!!