Frontier Vest

I wanted to try my hand at a frontier vest. I found this on the blog MADE. She has really great tutorials! So this is nothing like Dana's but I can't say that I didn't try. :)

First you start with felt by the yard.  I used the brown for the vest body. I bought 1/2 yard & it was plenty! I can probably make 2 or 3 more out of 1/2 yard. I ended up not using the light brown for this vest. I also picked up 1 sheet of felt (was like $.25) of a golden color for the star.

next cut out your pieces

next I pinned (right sides) together


What in the world was I thinking!!! I sewed the arm holes shut!!!
Made me laugh anyways.

So here comes the seam ripper!

After I got all that figured out I cut a red, & another brown piece of felt to go around the bottom of the vest for the fringe. This will vary depending on how long you are wanting the fringe to be.
Before I put the trim on I tried the vest on my little guy to see where the vest hit.
I did have to trim about 1 1/2 inches off.

 Sew your fringe on but I recommend not cutting the slits in it until you have it attached to your vest!
Next cut a trim piece long enough to go along the front openings of the vest. I cut this 1" wide.

I went online & printed a star outline. Use whatever color you would like for the star "badge". Sew directly on the front of the vest. Make sure your ONLY sewing on the front piece.

You would be done by now but since I messed up the arm holes by sewing them together I decided to go ahead & put trim around them also.

Well here it is all finished!! Yay I am so proud of myself. For all you really great sewers out there DON'T LAUGH!

I had fun making this & hope to make more!
If you use the printable pattern on the MADE
website & your little one is over 12 months. I would suggest making your pattern bigger!
Have fun! :)

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  1. So cute! Just in time for trick or treating! :) My lights will be on and I'll have treats for Carson...